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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  January 7, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am EST

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>> but that's the only rean why i'm here. the responsibili's the only reason why i camback, taylor. what are you here for? the more i come afr you, the more wembarrass kessler, the faster ty start talking about your ely retirement. it's their ne they're looking after, ron, not urs. >> i'm filing a port for wrongful arrest. you're welcome to add threatening behavior to that
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>> i'll se you the forms. they wl dump you, ronald, beuse i'm not going anywhere. m in your face till we put y away >> then we'll grow old withi sight of each other,on't we? because quite frankly, don't [engine starts] to your b. >> [screaming] [dramatic sic] ♪ >> it's an iection. look, just get me some fle. if you can hold him tighter than that, i'm gonna bak this needle it's all right. [dratic music]
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>> [breathing heavily] [dog barks] [siren blares] ♪ >> come on. >> whahappened? >> are you a rative? he came with a severe asthma tack. >> what are you talkg about? ril's not asthmatic. the strongest medication wcan, t he's deteriorating fairly ickly. >> cyril! >> look, is a condition we
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call "dry drowning." he's pulli fluid into his lungs, and we're suggling to contr it. i'm going to te him up to intensive care. >> [gasping] [heavy breathing] [young boy] don't go to sleep. dot go to sleep. >> i'm cold. >> stand up. come on, stand up. >> i'mold. >> i can't breathe. [fly buzs] smack!
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i can'breathe. ptioning by captionmax
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welcome to the broadst. because so my asked tonight,
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an encore prentation of our conversation with rin williams. >> who else do u do thatou love? >> nicholson is the best, just because he is s out ere. he does things -- iove the fact that erybody in the departed has a boston accent. i'm not going there, just out on my own,his is who i am! you know? when h won this third academy award, i wastanding with him and i had just won min he was staing next to me and sa, robo, iave one for every decade >> good for you. isn't ategreat night for me? yes. >> rose: the be, the best.>> and bm and that was pretty gat. he w teaching this acting class in l.a.and iot to sit in on it. and heaid, you know, if i er did a movie with you it wod be hard because i wld be lahing all the time. at one point he was teaching the acting class and he had a big do of his up there -- >> was it at his house?
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>> no, it was a studio on l.a. and the dog is licking hisand and he sai wouldn'tt be great to do at in a movie? maybe. how behavioral is tha it's so natural, just let it hang? rose: i nt to see him once andh. i walked into his how. lives next door to jack. >> that'the odd coupl what happened? marlon, your dog killed my job. i don't ow what happened. i told kuj ow not to go out. it's weird. what are you dng? no marlon, god, what have you done now, put him on a leh. don't like a leash. come in, we'reaving hummus. i'm standi in a tub of hummus? rose: robin williams for thour,e rose h been pvided by the
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following: if you've had a ke in the last 20ears, ( screams ) you'vead a hand in giving llege scholarships... and support to thousds ofur nation's... most proming students. ♪ ( coca-cola 5-notenemonic ) captioning sponsored by rose communicaons from our studios in neyork ci, this is charlie rose. roseiran inwilliams is here.for the most succsful actors and
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medians in hollywo. many of his roles he already beco iconic including mork the alien from mork and mdy, his role in good morning vtnam and the jeany from "alad in"and he has portrayed several dramatic performances his role in "good will hunting" gave him an acamy award. here is aook at somef his work. your n going to that. i told you ere the room wa >> i -- i -- >> you're about rea to ge maced. >>h, my god, don'tou gett, he is defecting. >> good moooooorning vietnam! this is not a test. this is rock'n'roll. time to rock it from the at the time ato the dmc. that me or does it sound li an elvisresley movie dang me, dnang me, hang me.
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>> be gone. rip, sed, tear, iant to ar nothing but ripping of mr. prichard. t it on a role. ll. that's a bible. you' not goingo go to hell for this. make a clean tear. iant nothing leftf it. >> heloooo! i'morry to frighten you. i must look horrle inhis get up. this is part of my beauty regime what it is is basically egg whites, vanilla a a little touch of aloe. u have your cream and shug er. it's a litt cupf t,o? >> spread some mustardn the toast. don' usehe sken andon't dribble little dots of mustard. no. you take your kni and you smear! men smear. >> smear? >>hat's it. yeah.
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get the [blp] pink dn. >> my father was an alcoholic. a me drunk. he wouldome home hammered, lookg to wail on somebody so i ha provoke him so he wouldn'to after my mothe and little brother. interesting nights for when he wore his rings. >> y create man. man suffers ermous amounts of pain. n dies. hmm. maybe you shod have had just a fe more brain storing ssions prior to creation. you rested on the seventh day. maybe you should have spent that day on compaion. rose: he ialso known for hiswor. in 2002 hended a 16-year hiatus with a tour around the country and th yeare has another tour a special hbo
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called "weapons of self-destrucon." i'm pleased have robin williams bk at t table. >> how are you, my fend? good to be here? rose: stand up, back tostandup - >>it h beengood? ro: does that mean that your fi? >> yes. it was -- it has alwa been a wonderful alternativto the acti because it was -- it did tw things, paid the bills and also grt therapy? rose: therapy?>> literally, to o things and whether this were going on inmy life or the world it w always a great relief, especiallyn the early days with mork on, itas an anti-mork and i could do something crazier so i wouldn't be going "ihi, how a you" it's totally different. it's bght great. >> how was it sin the streets of san francisco. >> i was going to jewel ya studying acting d i would do street rforming mime in front
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of the museum. the scariest things the world we the ladies of 5th avenue. they would sayet away from me. even the animals they were aring said get away! but performing was getting out and doingit. it was a release for me? rose: but you -- did you findin? >> well, yeah. with comedy, i think, because you have to. i mean, there's verylittle andup tragedy? rose: but thers -->> itook a wh. i started off, because i was also tined in the theater i could go offmike which was my style. people need the mic, i would be all over the place. at was my attk style. and i would go f it. it stmed to be working. >>ut did the training at jewel yard hel >> big time. it allowed me to do "two jews walk in a bar" it could happen and yet my gentle friend, what
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w or throid one sayot so." >> what are you doing in weapons of self deinstruction >> talki aut everything, everything that happenedthe art surgery and even the lves they gave me, the choe of getting different valves. the pork vve, you're already inulated for sne flu. and the bovine valve, you can craptanding up. >> and play in the dt. >> colle kids tip you over at night. and i thought, you know, after the hear surgery you find yourself getng very emotnal. and i got so emotional, inead of a valve i thought they gave me a tiny vagina. it soundsike an elto jesonne. ♪ tiny vagina ♪ >> when did you kw you wer t doing so wl. >> ias on the road doing the to initially and i would
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finish shows and be burned lik this is more than exhaustion, mething else is goingnline. yo have th really rundown thing. th when they went in and looked at the valveand d the angiogram, it s weird an like brrrr! the leakin and that was caung you you know, look at you chles rose with your french valve. we had to go a long way to find a nice piece for y. bring the nice valve for arlie. charles the are the choices youave, cow, pig, chicken heart if y want. fresh but you will lay a big g. then you can hg on to the shorts. how proud will you be there lookt crles, he's hap to be here. buit's crazy. all of that has been part of the act? rose: how do you feetoday.>> wo. i'm like 98% there. letterman, when i talkedo him and he has had quintuple b pass. >> he almost went dn, like within hours, he was -- like-
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>> like -- i think went a check up and theyaid you're going to an operation in a hour. he said hour? >> >> big te. i had a doctor miami that wanted to operat the nt day. then an italian said you may not want to go with a guy that is going on vacatio i had the luck u. luxury to look for the bestoctors and i found one that had done 4,000 surgeries all of them amazing. you don't want a guy who has only done six and three them didn't g so well. like deale ok, evebody, let's try this rose: how longere you inecuperao >> i think itas like three months,eally, until i was rey to go back o again. but you feel better today? >> i do. >> grrs i do too. much better. >> that's the idea?
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rose: i'm getting oxygen toybra. oh, i can remember tngs. youappreciate things ke breath. u do. it's much better. it's wonderf? rose: yowere here atthistable we transplant. an heret is. >> good luck with that thing rose: you knowhat happened tomet people will lo at me a they will say -- >> theyhould be able to go - you go like this. charlie! [lauter] what did you he? whatid i have? i had a ping-pg valve. what are y doing? come over here, robinou hav to pull this suit apart. he been pullingy carage suit apart.
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not great. it's been tough but that'all right? rose: doctor, uld i getanother . >> an appntment with him? i don't kw. here is the deal. i ed twoorseshoes. yeah. and how is tha mare. what do you mean a stud fee? how old am i? brr, brr, brr, brr. >> 4. >> 4. how ishat? i feel good since i had the pig valve pu in. charlie, you shoul get a pig valve. and people go, it's micel li two. wh are you doing? is is my boy gill. i don'know, you know. bob? yeah, er since that genetic research has co through and the botox is wking and the kidsre happy. w do you feel? do you feel btersince the ephant horme?
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[tmpeting like an elephant]. that'she next step. you see people get the contact lenses with the goat eyes. how e you doing? great party! heee! rose: thatas good.>> that w fun? rosethat was one of the best.>>. that's when you go open field. charlie give youpen field. >> rose: he him what you c. >> bring out everying. throw everytng in the mix? rose: is going to le it.>> oh,. >> then peoe come up to you and say way to go. d, you are better now, hewho runs like a rse, you wl have a great day. charles, he is now happy. >> actly. an he can breath and can sleep and walk and talk, all of
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those things. it makes a differen. >> yh, hu? rose: the audience is differentd the country? >> it's wed becauset's like 2002. it's another interesting time. it's an azing time tt, you ow, you have come out of. it's weird. sometimes i talk aut being on stage,ike we he come out of an eight-year blackout like, what happened? well, wow, erything was ne. weave a blackresident? wow! yeah, let'sdo this. >> are you kding? no, no, seriously. >> rose: ove it.let m see him. >> andthere's a lat tino on the supreme court court. no, there s. >> no! lo, child. >> and 's a woman? no! rose: grew up in th bronharvard. >> go, gir it's still amazing. and justalking about whats ing on in the ecomy and the world and everything, it' pret insane? rose: ere can't you go?i mean, r jobs, can't you go there?
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>> i don'to there i talk out the economy and the idea of the new - better tha the wall seet people. >> ialk to them like a group junkies tha relapsed. like, listen, man, i just needed so liquidity. i just ran io somead subprime. we had complex fmulas and we didn factor in greed and panic, you know? iust need805 billion by tuesday. no, serioly. no. i would not screw you again. i learned esson. , no, seriously, this is -- show me lo man. help me out. i need $2.5 trillion. i will pay you back ro: get me through one we.>> th0 bill. inead of " god we trust" it will just s "trust me" and the
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little m from monopoly will be there doing this? rose: what about foreign policy. we talk to them. wh we electedush the secon time, the definition of insaty is repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome. but the whole world looked at it like, we are out o rehab, call us we would like talko you then? rose: see you talking again,we. >> the idea and that we're sll pursuing the same thing. n we deal with it? finitely. for me i doelieve hopefully there will be progss but we're still in the same suation so have to get dealing wh it right away. en talkingbout the fact, did u get binladen? not yet. we have four of hi numb 3's though. clos could be in pakist. well, les g after them. we can' theyre alliesnd ty have weaps of ms desuction. da. that's a bad show. bit of bad show.
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wh the weapons of mass destructio you went to saddam husse. no. they executed him. not bad the. well de. >> how much of thiis simple naturalomedic talent >> lennie bruce said it best, you try to win the tention of your mother, justor these en you work fm tre. th i think it becos? rose: ur mother.laugh a me. i'm thirsty >> that was funny. yeah, good luck. i think it goes alo it becomes someing you learn and work on. but if you do get in the open field, sometimes you just get a gi and go wh it? rose: that's a gifi don't know . >> some of itis toucd. it's vontary ter lets. you look a joe den and joe says thing tha even peoplewith ter its say, no, no, oh, joe,
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no butometimes it is both. it's nice combination? rose: there areew people thatca. >> that are out of institutions? there's a few. there's older like jonathan winters and younger ones like t roswell and they are fr and they can go anywhe with it? rose: jonathan was your hero.>>m stl is? rose: where does he live?>> he . it's great. you you will see him. he will talk to people rose: inharacter?>> not in char. kind of min character. it's hard to pick one. he once park in a handicap parking zone. and she said you're not handicapped. and he said, adam, can u see inside my mind?" to hang with h is the best. he just goes? rose: is he ever on television?. >> he does a lot of different things. he would prefer do more but i think the idea of seeing him i alwayshe best. and he -- forme he is the
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budd. he is the oneith the gift i got from him? rose: when you nd a rearge,you i >> big time. or call h. and, who is tt? i'm sitting in a hot tub full of indian head nick comes trying to wash them off. hello, mr.ilson. bert wilson, i love. send meoney. but he always makes me lah. th's the thing, you goto him and go, cool. most of it i got to hangut with morrisaul: he the best rose: i will do show with both. >> that would be the yg and yang of comedy. who else. >>regory. it's been wonderful to see them together. >> does jonhan winters come with them? yore not ace agt, are you. >> i'm so his pimp. i can put together hi show. medy from the 60's, be there.
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if you were too medicated to remember back th -- rose: just go do it.>> that wou? ro: what do you think is yrespog comedians? what do you want tgive them? >> i don'tave to ge them anything. they got it. they are dng it. and ey do it and do it nderfully. just l them g >>are tre more venues now becausof cable and everything. the height was in the 80's where eve disco wouldave comedy. like you would be on stage and there's a dco ball ove you and nothe comedy of... there are notas many venues but theye very ad and the peoe th go areans of comedy. in l.a. there's a great scene. boston, chicago, all over the country there are grt places to go and seereat comics and new and really interesting stuff. >> when you we into telesion and then went into film wh "good morning vieam" and all of that, was it a sense of coming home for you? that's what you re trained to do at jewel yard.
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u weren't trained to do standup at jewelyard? >> no. doing television -- well, the television was more like aing. when final wl did movies, that'shat i was traid? rose: so that came sy to youwhe? >> not easy. because at first when you're doingilm -- emple, i was doing "the world according to garp "and the first day, i im imprised a line. he made a faceike this. he went like this. t good? no. just s the line and cmit to that. >> ok. that washe first great lesson. seco great lesson came from peter wier. he saidou have great powers stening. he saides. that's the great second part of the equation when you lien to someone it's fascinating and sllness is very powerl. and i 20 cond great lson. d third great lesson is always find out where catering is.
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these guys were ving me grt vice. and the ia of really listening and the ideaf what it means t be enged in listening. and you find in the other great gis was jeff bridges who said whever there's an accident in rms of filming -- not somethingalling down but a line gets flbed off, that's a gift because i fces you to be in t momentnd deal with it. ratherhan irovise and pl with it >> respo to it. >> respond to what is goingon imdiately? rose: ohcool.>> and n't be afray those tngs and it forces everyby to engage, as in life, with the immediate moment. >> >> rose: i thinhe has goodmoe out s attention. >> he isnder appreciated. he is so natural. that'sust him. each and every one of his perfmances asks different and iconic. like the great lebowski and "the dude" is one of t great sner characters of all time. it's in california. >> what does iconiean?
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>>or me, if someone is doing anmpression, that becomes iconic. like chris walken is iconicand it ands on it's own >> love taing to him, d't you. >> because punctuation is... gone. he was standing in the puddle one time and just in his socks friend said what areou doing? he said today, i'm an alligator. and they asked him, chris, if you could have anything, what uld you want? he said a tail. because th you know if i was hay my tail would be up and it would always move according to your emotion i'm surpris question mark, punctuation,reat, now, maybe. rose: who else do you thatyou ? >>icholson is the best just because he is so out there.
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he ds things -- i love the fact everybody in theeparted is doingard-core bton acnts. he's saying "i'm not going out there, out there on my own, this is w i am." when he won his third academ award, i was snding with him and i ha just won mine he was standinwith me and he said, i have one f every decade good for you. isn't it? what a great night for me, yea ro: the best, th best.>> he is . and brando, i got to mee him. that was pretty great. he was teaching an acting class in l.a. and i got to sit in on it and he said "you know, if everid a movie with you it uld be hard because i would be laughingll the tim" and th at one point he was teaching theacting class and he had his big dog ofis that was cking his hand. in a studio in l.a. and the dog was licking his hand
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and he said, wouldn't it be great to do that a movie? just be natural and let it hang? rose: i went to s him once.he i. and ialk in to h house. he lives next door to jack. >> that's the odd couple. what happened? marlon, you dog killed my dog. >>. >> i don't know what happened. itold cujo not to go out. what are you doing? now, marlon, what have you done now? put him on a ash. i n't like a leash. me on in, wre having hummus. d i'm standing in a tub of hummus. we can do a dish thing. it wl b crazy? rose: could marlon tch acting.>. he wasctually verymuch out -- i think he wanted to give back at t end for all of the yearsf acting that he did? rosethat he avoided to. stood . he had a gift of sayin-- he
12:03 am
sa a great thg. if you're reading a newspaper therere a hundred differt ys to read the newspape the peopleho lead it on t subway andhey are loud and let you know they are reading "the wall street journal" bshowing you. and the other ones that canead and say, i don't nt you to know what i'm reading. and he said find a unique y to do anything and it will keep you occupied and be interesting havior. and also behior, e idea of e fasciting thing about man behavior and th fferences and how people respond to situations, i ways that you would never dream possible? rose: marlon used to cal thehows up lat at night. d he was like, "fir-time caller, long time lisner, what are you wearing? i'm in a song "? rose: he would call after he ha. we didn't have calln. >> oh,ood? rose: he would call and heused. >> what a great name >> we had anntern here w
12:04 am
took a call from him one nht d just stayed for two hrs on the phe. marlon found an audience. i was gone. he saidwhen am i goi to get to talk to charlie? >> you knowwho got to hang o th himnd flew him a lot of plac, john travolta? rose: because he pots hiswnjet. >> it's a wonderful thing? rose: he called shawn a lot ande who. >> the other ory i heard, supposedly eve weekend he would have dinner with mical jackson in never land. forg "my dinner with dre." >> what dyou want too now? i don't know. let's watch a lm and see what happens. it's crazy. i know it's weird. i don't know if it'sweird. you knowhat is weird? i think we passedthat a whi ag i don't know? rose: we have been tre.>> we ha. we have go beyond oz, ithink,
12:05 am
in our own way. yes, mr.ackson. >> i hav a lot of little people ound here, they're just hanging out. you know that' weir not at my house? rose: ed bradley of "60minutes"l jackson and went away t take a call from marlonand marlon talked him how far doing the interview. he canceled the damn interview. th's agood call. >> don't do it. if it's lry king do it and then kiss him on the lips at the end. >> line 2, cleveland. marlon? larry,arry, do you have def on speed dial? 's crazy. what are you doing? >> i don't kw. i remeer sophie tucke saying -- >>hat's a obscure reference. don't go there. >> who would you most like to have known that wa a legend -- i'm thinking of w.c. fields? >> i would have led to have metrouchio marks. friendof mine ocked on his
12:06 am
tour. he he said hello i'm grouy. i' a huge fan. and grouchy would grouch e would say, i don give a [bleep] now get out of here. or harpo. he was supposed to be sweet an real funny at the same ti, both guys -- yeah, i think they would would be great? rose: those guys, some of thema. >> big time. hard-core alcoholics and really difficult live and yet comedy was theirther life? rose: have you ever boug thatthn agedy and comedic talen >>t's a survil mechanism. i buy to tt. it becomes tha becaus they went rough it a it was how they got through it. richar pryor said he had to be the funniest guyround not get the crapicked out of him. also withim deeming with his childhood and hi mother worng
12:07 am
in a whorehouse and when he really found charters. en he started off, he was doing like cosby and one night he spped and he said i'm tired of being this and he found another side of him and he tapped into e anger an other things bute was funny with it so he cld get it out. >> hes somebody that everybody honor's now. >> i used to see h at the comedy clubetting ready f his stand up. he said it w the most amang thg because people nt him to do mud bone. he wld say oh, people, you do it. he would d characters and you would see him become possessed by t characters a it was amazing to see him do it and go free rge with it. as soon as was over, i could see him and youould see the catharsis of itnd he was totally fr on stage? ro: did you have to get outdemo. >> i don't know. where are they? you kn where we are, robo, we're right here. demons. live with y boy. >> come onn, robo.
12:08 am
>> ce on. tell him about the demons? ro: i seen it on your back.>> c? going to a strip club on valente's day. come on. it will fun. it will py well wi theife. the demons. the demons. >> they' moreike spirits and they'ren a glass. there are irits there. what do u mean? dr. vehiclcell and mr. jack niels. an optimist seesthe best and pessimist sees i half ety. and the alcoholic goes where is the bottle. i became an alcohol just thinking about it. thanks for the vodka, charlie rose: you're ok total.>> totall. ok? rose: ll it's not the bestever. >> i'metter. analso i feel great. it's kind onderful? rose: d you go through acertain. >> yes, i wt through certain kind of whater. three yes of heavy drinking. what are y doing?
12:09 am
welcome the whatever center. hi, my nam is robin and i ve a problem with whatever? rose: don't you have to stand ue problemith whatever? >> welce to wteverland. >> like you're looki at whatever. >> whatever, wtever. >> did y do a lot of whever? >> ye. i usto do do a lot of whatever? rose: whatever getyou down.>> w? ahahah. oh, my sh. that's my valve i lov you baby. there s a problem withhat. en i went to rehab in wine country justo keep my options open. but ca out there beside and nt -- rose: how re you differentwn yor side? >> dry. and i think sober and als able to experienc life and it's pretty amazing. before the hea surgery one of the more sobering moments of gog -- life is extraordinary. don't want to miss ityou know? >> oh, man. 's a gif
12:10 am
and to bepending most of the time -- saying i don't have. ere were you? i don't remember. then toecome back from that and y oh, look. then you realize you do have family, friends, and pple go with say, i appreciate you now i can remember what we're actually talking about. how cool is th? that kind of a gift. andust gratitude. the sime gratude of like, yeah, it'sood. ors one y saivery day above grnd is much nicer it's a of those things. and really i appreciate them? roseare you more eager t getup ? or wouldn't go that r. >> about the same. i'm not aorning person cause ofears of doi standup i'm more nturnal. crack of noon, dipg, ding. what? oh, dayligh be gone like vampire on a day pass. what are u doing? oh, now -- i more enjoy it to
12:11 am
get out and dostuff not be withdrn. during the whaver time, there was a lot of isolation and you fi yourself withdrawingand onour own. >> i hav given you a nice word, whater. i wanted to ve you a choe. >> one from column a. you have a problem with ever and what and ever. that's allool? rosei did them all, whatever.if. >> what have you t? whatever. the atever hpital. welcome to the whateve wing betty ford? rose: we he other people thknow. all right. roll tape. here is ascene from the standup. here it is. >> wonderful more. wheamps. >> wtever. >> and what i w. doing now? he is a motivationa speaker. cool. kind of like having linay lohan as auidance counselor. [applaus way to go!
12:12 am
pretty weird,oo. d they're talking about ening the george w. bush library. i think,wow, that's like the colonel sanders culinary academ [lauter] just the concept alone gs your mind. d they have alrdy talked about makin it very interacve whic i think is ce for "not so many books." >> george? oh, the w. >> es obama give you as much material? >>e does mean, now,specially if h n get to a dner. >> i'm with the president! who is this man? nice to see you. rose: could u have a picturetak? >> oh, yea hello. how are y? >>i'mphil. nice to meetou, mr. president. it'sretty wild. it's not like -- w. w a se-opening piñata. he was a gift every day? ro: language was part of it.>> l like youtook the english
12:13 am
lauage, put it in a cuinart and took it out. you just wch him in response to fox news always great. they wld say things andou go, wow wow, how did you come up with that? i n't know. kind o cra? rose: said this so we h tosay t >> we hado say this. we repeat, you decide. what? we repeat,ou decid it's pretty crazy. i mean, does h have -- but he is very eloquent. he is le a combinatio of rtin luther king and spock. you get that tupac shakur long life and psper type of thing. michel is elega. you get the feeling if you put her off -- rose: don't gohere.>> the guns . >> one iave always admired is jessie jackson's wife, i thin her name was jackie jackson. and people were talking abt an evt coming up in the reverend
12:14 am
ckson's life and she would say don't go there with me, don't go ere. and i wod not, no. >> she will go could bera. that would be er. >> i love that after she said that >> you may hav seen oprah. th is nothe same woman? rosei'm not here to listen oren. >> uh-uh. that issue is over,ot discussible. uh-uh? rose: oprah leaving in twoyea. >> i ho she's not bmed out because of chicago losing the olympics. chicago sent oprah and michelle d brazil sent over 50 strippers? rose: and guess who w?>> rio. >> rio, rio, rio think rio is safer than chicago, it's like an olympic event. and oprah is n leavi. she'sgetting her own network?
12:15 am
rose: o-w-n.>> she is just expao another level? rose: more money and more tvtim. >> all 27, all oprah, all day. all the tim >> here is another clip from the tour. >> my favoritethletes of any olympics are the african distance runn. you neverre to tt an rican diance runner. are you on drugs? noi'm lookingor food. and i'm sure in kya there is a chickethat runs in sub two miles per hour marathons. you just won the n york maraon, how do you feel? ahh. what did h say? he i wonderi wherehe ethiians are? rose: kenyonunners?>> they are . additionally the long distance running program inkenya came from an irishissionary. they wted to make a movi abt him. he saw young kenyon pruning
12:16 am
20 mes to school and said, wait minute. th they put togeth a team and started winning awful of the afrin national praises? rose: bet he won all ofhem.>> b. rose: it's the marathon -->> anm soutamerica. is a he-she. i'm a man, i a woman. surprise. >> ion't know what the test at was -- >> i think she had both, tha shewas -- at rst she said it walike a cjoined tn. she was lik what? a total recall? what was that? rose: are you obsessed biormati? are yo a newsunky, a g who just -- >> i pick on some of it. it's very hard now. a lot of the news is tweets which is like geing your morning paper with fifth all over it. i don't know the numr for chicago. what is the information. i believe it's all of those
12:17 am
azy ass. it's the tweets. get e twets off of there. information, i'm not don't believe li some friends of mine watchingll thetime. i have some if you sendhem an email, theyill respond within thre seconds. >>ore the email would be li a day later. good luck. like the electronic pony express. dear diary, i'm sding another reques i etded once. my tweet s i' on theoad. and i thought i can't do this. for celebrities, the next program is stalker. i'on the road. i know, i'm right behind you. no, no? >> they n see you. >> oh, big time. and whyould you wanteam to kn everything you're doing. that's a wrd thing. but technology in terms me and emails i'm what i ema friendly. texting what is. tweeting not at all. >> we will see a clip from your film "the world's greatest dad."
12:18 am
tell me about that. >> i did it with ariend of mine and a small film but i thinpowerful about a father son relationship a the son dies tragical and i cover tha up becausef wanting to cover up the idea that he diedand i made it look le a suicide because i wanted to be remember that way. and i fake hi dry. i ave a suicideote and tn the suicide note, becausei'm a writer, was kindfloquent, and en it becom this thing of kids being very touched. i madeim seem much mo sensitive an he was and he was a nasty little kid. and thboy that is playing him is wonderful andplayingim unrepentingly meannd cruel as 16-year-olds can b sometimes and cover up for that. and it slowly and surely builds into a cause celeb aut him being the poster chi for teen
12:19 am
angst. it's a lie basicay. >> rol time here i is. >> hey, kyle. >> i'm in her >>hy do you always tip over this photo. >> i hat it. i look inbread >> i think you look handsome. 're going to dinner tonight th clair. >> no, noe're not. >> i thought yea were seeing mr. lane. >> no. she's just trying to help o -- y am i explaining this. >> it'sad enough bng seen with two teachers, it's aids. >> get dressed. if you d't iill stab you in the face. what do youike to d kyle? >> nothing. >> nothing? you must like to do something. >> n >> ke just got a new monitor for his computer. so what doyou like t do o the computer? well, younow, funny you ask -- >> gamesostly.
12:20 am
kyle? who e you tting? >> andrew. why don't y give it a break whilwe're eating. >> can't do that. it's impornt. >> put it away. >> so, kyle, do youave a girlfriend? >> i'm not ing to talk to you aboumy personal affairs. >> ok. >>re you guys doing it? >> yep, all the time. nonstop. i'm hurting right now. >> let's t make m throw up. >>ncomfortable? >> wh dicted that. bob golfwait. he wrote it and directed it. it s a good experience. was a great writer. he did this oth vacation mov abt a girl and a d.
12:21 am
but it's really a good mov. i'm very proud of . >> are you going to sort of wk both place standup -- ny places? both places? standup ando movies? yes? rose: and and up.>> the stdup, i just filmed for hbo and i will probably take a break a while and probably come back out next year if i nt to. but now just go back and do movies again. >> does standup me you a beer actor? >> yes. standu are fearless in tt way. you haveo be. you ha to put it out tre and the acting gives youhe concentrion. like you wilsee a lotf standupshen they act, they'r notafraid toust be and be, warts an all, which is what comedy i and th's interesting. the same thing likeat oald was in a mov called big fan. he is not funny but playing this memberrishly awkward guy.
12:22 am
but as atandup he is n afra to talk about anything and i think that helps his acting. for me, the standup ges you an outl and you don't have t rry about -- also the i'dou don't haveo be likable. this character is notikable. he is a memberrish. like the movie rious man. have you seen that >> yes. con brothers? >> that's suc a membeishy character. and by thend, you wanto say wake up wake up. at the end yo want to s, smack, get out! it's pretty crazy thatay. but as standup, i like bh. will keep doing bot >> i struck by the facterry seinfe wanted to go back. you knowed to go back. >>orsome it's economic. others it's more rsonal. >> for rry i think -- it's no economic. you gethe joy from it. is it drug? there's a x you get. chris ck said it best. it's like being aoxer, you have to get out and have enoug
12:23 am
materialo go to distance, especiallyif you'redoing the distance like hour, hour and a half, you have to be ready for it. >> how long doe it take to get an hour 456 material and g it - >> it takes about 1 1/2 years. not every one of them but the ea has taken almost a yea and four nths of being o the road. it's taken that long because of the surgery, three mths off but to initially get out it tas three months of starting and once you get on the road, some things stic and other thgs don't, and you will find stuff? rose: do you know why sticksore auence will tell you but do you know why they make the decisions at they d >> i tnk becse it strikes home or it's so bizarre. >> you you must have thought it itasunny or you wouldn't have put itin tre. >> some things you wil you t and i can't remembera specific incidence but i will fry it and it just guess -- rose: and some things willcreatd
12:24 am
surise you. >> y. and things we wl just go wow, likehat ishat, you know? that's the weird thingf, you know, at word, you know? and is that way, and the you go, ok expand upon it and then you push and push and try to expand it and push it out and oh, cool, that workeds now. >> youalked about lessons tha yohave learnedrom jeffnd thin jack said and others said. if tl me about standup. >> i can't reay saylessons i ve learned. i have seen great peopldo it. from jonatha i learned anything is possible. jonathan is a painter and he creates sual worlds within sound itself. jonathanould transfor himself into ahild or bome an old man, and he wld literally loo like i because his face would morph. from richard i learnedhe idea that, u know, the tru will set you free. am i as free as richard? not in any way.
12:25 am
but am i kind o getting there? little bit. but betwe the extremes i have seep like,eah, baby. >> wha keeps you from getti ther entirely as rhardas? >> probly not being on atever all the time. and having -- and knowing there ar conquences. and going like, you know, because atome point richard denyhen richard got clean it was harder for him because suddenly he couldeel everytng back. it was a different thing. when he cld just go ou and do it, he was totally -it was one way. i could see it was cathartic for him. does knowing -- it's the consequences and havg the courage to go, are you ok dealing with that? can you tal about that and deal with the csequences? sometis. other times no >> that's when i have to go, ok. are you ready to step up to it and stand behd it? maybe. >> some who have wtten about this tour hav said it is more confessional. >> almost. i think -- i mean it's confessionaleah. ihink the main thi to come away from the operationith is
12:26 am
just lik that, i can y the sa thing again, atitude. >> me too. >> it's gratitude. and with life, warts and all and comi out of the other side of atever and being ab to go, yeah, man, i got all thisnd looking at it all and in a weird way, the country, we're going throh this transition. are we goi to make it? yeah, i thk we are. i think there will b a tighning period and i think we will come through it. >> i do too. >> because deal with it and we kind o-- weily, we bitch about it and get angry and ce through and go o whent comes dn to it, we do work together. sometimes we don't py well with others and other times we n. i think we're inthat process now. for me, confessional, it's as close as i n be to a confessial and a 58-year-old wasp. you know your mother and i didn't grow with that. was like, you know, yr mother and i ha so happy. my mother was a christi
12:27 am
scientt who had plastic surgery so how confessiol is that? rose: it worked for her, didn't? dying? i believein -- rose: god will take care.>>god . the wrinkles, i need help. >> god has a plastic surgeon. like the lady on botox. merry christmas darling? i wish i could press how hay i am. merry christmas rry christmas. it's a wonderful botox christmas ♪ ♪ almost smiling now ♪ gathering aroun with friends and fily ♪ ♪ that's al i caneel? rose: is your son zack funny.>>? rose: he is funny.cody is funny. cody does a great chris walken? rose: as good as yours?>> yes. he has not uncorke it for me. i ink he has been hangg back and waing for the right
12:28 am
moment. zea is fny. she h done actening. she has gone a lot of movies? ro: how old arehey.>> cody 18, a is 25. steld ais tress: zack, don't know. he has be offered different things? rose: might or may nowhat do y. >> he wts to go to harrd business? rose: he wants to r things.ther. he wants to run google. >> , please. and cody wilbe a write ever sin he has been 10 he has en writing interesting ction. >> do youee yourself inach of them? >> totally and i also see someondifferent which is wonderful. i see a little of myself a then this other combinaon, the combination marcia and myself and something th is jus them d that is mnificent. they all turned out really
12:29 am
wonderfully. there have been rough periods but they have all turned out t be just great human beings and really, you know, zelda acting and it's more than acting. people said, you know, she's a very sweetnd kind wom. ani went, that's as great a compliment as sayg she's a great acess. that'sonderful to say, your kid is a wonderful people, you go, then i have donesomething right, you know? rose: have you ached to haveomev you have had enormous success. >> no. m content. there's nothing like -there's nothing that i'm going envy on that leve no. i'm going life is -- i'm -- meet and right and so do and as it should be. i'm at a wonderful place. and 's lik achg for something else? during t whatever times, i was always


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